Saturday, 9 February 2008


By Nev.

Ma Cameron's, Little Belmont Street I think, 7th February

"Where's me ma?" That was the cry most of yesterday, as I rolled around in a state of great self-pity, suffering from a monstrous hangover that attacked in waves. I've not seen this new film "Cloverfield", with its elusive and destructive monster, but I suggest that it could have been no meaner than the one wreaking devastation upon me yesterday. And all because of a few drinks...

Ok, perhaps more than a few. The venue chosen was the site of Aberdeen's oldest continuous licenced premises, Ma Cameron's. It was to meet a "frolleague" (friend+colleague, term coined by Green) and even before the encounter I suspected a few drinks might flow. Because, lest you forget, while I'm in Aberdeen I don't actually have any proper work to do, I can just hang around like an oafish layabout, and thus my frolleague likewise. And Ma Cameron's happens to have a good supply of draft beer, including one of my favourites, Lia Fail.

Of course, food was on the menu also. Ma Cameron's does quite a nice range of hearty pub food, all bound together in a rather satisfying menu booklet. The haggis, which my frolleague chose (this new word is getting on my tits already), is an established favourite, and never fails. But being decidely peckish this eve, I opted for the bangers'n'mash. You can't go wrong with a big dollop o' bangers'n'mash, indeed it's a meal I think even I might manage to crudely cook for myself, should the whim ever occur. But Ma's surpassed itself, and surprised me, with a delicious mustard-infused cylindrical slice of mash, and a rich, onion-washed bunch o' bangers. The many pints of Lia Fail washed it down a treat.

Oh, and it was many. Many many many. Ma Cameron's is one of my regulars, its cosy, wooden interior, labrynthine corridors and hidden rooms, and its surprising ability to provide a seat no matter how busy, all conspire to make an excellent drinking venue that banish notions of the outside world, and whatever sense may be associated. Banter filled the night, and much gazing on too at the pretty barmaid, whose age we calculated from between 20 and 27. Likely she was a young-looking 27, but after a few beers, who's counting?

Perhaps I should have been counting, as the disaster movie apocalypse that split open my day yesterday reminded me. "Where's me ma?" I asked. And the answer? Well, here today! But not Ma Cameron, but my very own ma, Ma Christie. Come a-visiting to take me out to lunch. And with some new boyfriend of hers! Blimey! Back onto the beers, I think, for me.

Ma Camerons
6 Little Belmont Street
01224 644487

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