Sunday, 10 February 2008

Nice Spice: Blue Moon2

By Justin

I am a bit of a grammar fascist, so Blue Moon2 got instant marks off for having their "2" in superscript. I didn't notice any additional dimensions when I ate there, although someone did say that they have an upstairs dining room. Maybe it is a clever post-modern reference to the additional floor not found in the original Blue Moon?

Grammatical pedantry is about the only way I can criticise the Blue Moon2 though. This was an excellent meal, straight out of the top drawer, which confirms the Blue Moon at the top end of Indian food in Aberdeen.

Blue Moon2 is the brother of the better-known Blue Moon on Holburn Street, and is nearby in a back lane behind the College Bar. I've eaten in the original Blue Moon a number of times, but never here. The food at the Blue Moon has always been excellent, and there was no difference in the extension of the brand.

I wasn't starving, so I only had one course. The frolleagues that I was with (you're right Nev, that is highly annoying) all had starters that looked delicious, including some filled pancakes (puri) that were outstanding. My main course was burnt green curry with prawns. This was a nicely hot (probably medium) dish with burnt (on purpose) spinach, as well as spices and prawns. In contrast to the dish that I recently had at Nazma, this had both lovely flavour and the right level of heat. As usual, I had chappati instead of rice, and these were particularly fine examples that seemed to be homemade. Garlic naan was also real good. The dishes of my frolleagues friends all looked good, with lots of appreciative noises. There was a nice range on the menu (exactly the same as the main Blue Moon), including some unusual dishes such as halibut, red snapper, and liver.

Service was excellent: sharp, friendly, and with a smile. The room was packed, and they put up with a loud table of 14 (us) with aplomb. Things didn't take too long to arrive, the food was great, and the atmosphere relaxed. Recommended.

As an aside, on the way home we stopped at the pub and I tried a new beer: Guinness Red. Word of advice: don't bother. It seems to be their attempt at a classic "bitter" or "70/-" type beer, but they have failed spectacularly. It is tasteless (apart from a slight metallic kick) red water with a Guinness-style creamy head on top. Didn't do it for me.

Blue Moon2
1 Alford Lane
01224 593000

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